Permaculture & Primordial Self


Typically a workshop will last a couple of hours and can be hosted in your space or onsite at ELEMENTVM. Workshops are best in small groups of 8-10 but can also be modified as a 1:1 mentorship.

Permaculture Primer

A brief introduction to permaculture components & design strategies.

$12 per person/ $50 mentorship

Plant Medicine

Learn about 12 different beneficial plants to grow in your garden, how to choose and properly store herbs, and how to create your own herbal blends.

$12 per person/ $50 mentorship

Home Apothecary

Learn to build a cabinet full of herbal remedies for your home.

$12 per person/ $50 mentorship

Introduction to Alchemy

Uncover the philosophical, scientific, and spiritual traditions of Egyptian, Asian and European civilizations. Join us as we dissect a practice that is shrouded in misconception.

$12 per person/ $50 mentorship

Path of the Initiate

Work from the Mystery traditions of East and West in this collection of New Age studies.

$12 per person/ $50 mentorship

219-515-0116 for more details/pricing, or to book a workshop.