ribbon cutJennifer Shelhart grew up in a household completely smothered in art and craft. Her mother was always keeping busy with cross stitch, jewelry making, sewing and scrapbooking. Her father studied art and photography continuously throughout Jennifer’s childhood. “When I was a kid,” Jennifer says,  “I was the subject of most of my Dad’s art and photography assignments. I would help him set up and develop his images. I just loved watch the photos come to life in the darkroom. My first camera was a pinhole camera I made from a coffee can, no joke! There’s no better way to learn the science of it all than with a pinhole camera!” When Jennifer was a young adult she was given her first 35 mm. “This was of course long before the days of digital photography. I developed my own images and retouched them manually.”  Jennifer understands light and how it changes the image. She can adjust to any light setting with pleasing results. In addition to photography, Jennifer studied many other bands of the art spectrum but especially the graphic arts, print and design. Some examples include; lithography, intaglio, silkscreen, web design.  Jennifer says “I can go above and beyond my clients’ expectations by designing and personalizing images for things like albums, invitations, announcements etc.”
Married with 4 children, Jennifer understands the attention span of young kids. ” I am very good at capturing the natural expressions of young ones. Letting them be themselves often leads to the best results.”
Jennifer often turns to music for inspiration.  “…especially classical pieces” she says. “I don’t know why, but listening to the cello tends to move my thoughts in the right direction.”
Fascinated by the paintings of the old Dutch masters. Jennifer adds a painted element to all of her work in one way or another. “My creative vein runs deep and I love to express my qwerkyness in everything I do.”
J.Shelhart | Fine Portraiture 161 W. Lincolnway Valparaiso, IN 46383